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How to keep interviewees hyped for an interview: Have Thrift Shop playing the lobby.

My second interview was the same week as the first. I started to notice a trend by the types of positions I was being recruited for. It was mostly for sales jobs.

Nothing against sales positions, it is just not something I want to do. I want to be more creative in a hands-on way; through graphics, writing, video, pretty much any combination of multi-media. *shameless job description pitch*

Unfortunately, the HR Rep of (last time was X so let’s go with Y this time) company Y that called me was still training. She forgot to mention that the position was 80% on-site direct marketing. This, to me, is essentially sales.

This time around the commute went relatively smooth. I was about to be lost in suburbia, so I pulled into what I thought was a random parking lot to check my GPS. Turns out I unknowingly found my way to the interview. This is the first time my sense of direction didn’t get me lost! I am still proud of myself 😛

The outside of the building reminded me of my childhood Doctor’s office building, brick walls, lined with shrubs and mulch all the way around. I believe that the sign out front had recently been changed, by the fading letters underneath the current office names.yellowroom

I walked in and down a half flight of stairs. There was a gold frame holding company Y’s logo outside the door on the left. Upon walking into the waiting area, I noticed everything coordinated in pastel yellow and light grey tones. You could faintly smell fresh paint that had been used on the receptionist desk to match the couch and patterned yellow pillows. On the desk, 2 lonely sugar cookies sat waiting to be nommed on!

Since it was just me waiting, I looked around the communal office space to scope it out, and avoid eating both cookies. (I had left a bit early to have extra time if I got lost which proved to be unnecessary.) Around the corner was a little breakfast style nook with a copier, coffee machine, and desk supplies. A yellow paint can was resting on the counter; the same yellow as the receptionist’s desk.

From my research, the company had recently added a new office in the area so none of this ‘freshly done’ look surprised me.

The interview itself was brief. The interviewer recognized from her first few questions that I didn’t get a proper description of the position from the HR Rep. She very politely stopped me and made a point to tell me the Rep was new and there had been a mistake. I was very qualified for the direct marketing position, but she didn’t think that is what I was looking for. I thanked her for being upfront with me!


Overall, I had a good experience. I definitely wouldn’t consider this interview a waste for multiple reasons:

  • I practiced my researching skills in digging things up about the company.
  • I practiced my interviewee skills.
  • I explored NoVA!

Very pretty once you got out of the direct D.C. area.

Sorry D.C. you’re cool and all, but this gal will always like Baltimore best…

Hon 😉


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