An Experience .. to say the least

Why This Series was Cancelled


My first interview was definitely an experience.

I got an e-mail, from a company, let’s call them X

So X e-mailed me and I went online to dig up what I could find about them.
I had applied through a job search engine type website, I want to say Zip Recruiter.

Anyway, that was the only real place I could find this company.
I mean they had their own website, but anyone can make a website, and I found that a bit odd.
I gave up looking online for X and decided that I would go on the interview anyway to get back into the groove of things.

I kid you not I thought I was going to die when I was walking to the company office. The parking garage was beyond tiny. I am only 5’ 5” and with my 2” heels I could easily touch the pipes and roofing of the parking structure.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I got into the elevator and actually had a panic moment. The walls of the elevator were padded like a service elevator. In hindsight that is probably what it was, but still…

sketchyThe elevator space was roughly 2 x 4 with walls that looked like mattress padding. I took a snapchat of myself and said something like “this is where I die.” I wish I had saved that to share with you guys.

The trip to the office from my car was sketchy and did not put me in a good frame of mind. I get into the hallway, walk to X suite, and tried to shake off the past 10 min.
I walk in and was not at all surprised to see a rather eclectic waiting area.

The office was home to multiple companies, which I have never seen before, but I know it isn’t uncommon. What was weird to me was the chanting coming from beyond the waiting area. They kept saying things like ‘get money’.
Definitely interesting.

While they were chanting and I was waiting I began to analyze the room and became very fixated on small details.

Let me paint you a picture.

First glance around the room you see mismatched brown pleather sofa and chairs, different wooden side tables and receptionist desk, a mess of cords under the desk and dingy carpet.

The paint on the walls was done rather poorly. They had attempted to paint a blue border at the top of the wall, and let’s just say that they should have stuck with a single color.

They did have these cool silver clocks behind the desk that I assume were the times of different major cities, but I am not positive.

The amount of people coming in and out of the office was also strange to me. Seriously people were in and out the entire 25 – 30 min I was waiting. Also weird, the receptionist left with 3 people sitting and waiting for interviews.

I stopped looking up every time someone walked by and stared at a blue post-it that was crumpled up on the floor behind the silver chair legs on one of the pleather chairs across from me.

At this point I was taken over by weird vibes. I was texting my mom saying how uncomfortable I was.

It took over 15 min for my interviewer to acknowledge that I was even there. He handed me a clipboard to fill out and disappeared for another 10 min. I was sufficiently annoyed at this point as I had been sitting close to a half hour feeling uncomfortable.

A female came and took the paper from me and greeted me. Turns out she was my actual interviewer. She was very nice, and it calmed me down a little bit. Her office wasn’t as sketchy as the rest of the suite so I was able to focus on the task at hand.

The interview went well. I got back into a confident mindset, and the business itself was interesting. Unfortunately, I was not really looking for a sales type position. The job boiled down to working in a mall kiosk asking for people to donate to certain foundations I will not name. Not really what I want to do.

I finished the interview and went back to my car. I pretty much ran through the parking garage because it was so creepy. The parking spaces were so tight that I skidded against a wall…. -.-

It’s a good thing my sister had already side swiped my car so I didn’t care a whole lot when I scraped it again.

I paid for my parking and drove OUTTT of there.

I got a call the next day but declined the second round interview.

Just not for me. Sorry X


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