Festive Autumn Treats

For Halloween the Fram and I
*name given to my friend group #coolkids*
had a Halloween party with LOADS of food and drinks.

We had Pulled-Pork and Burgers, Mac n’ Cheese, Mummy Jalapeno Poppers and Ghost Strawberries, Candy Corn Jello Shots,
Beer and Candy out the WaZoo,
and Witches Cauldron and Poly Juice Potion adult beverages…

We ate so much it was fabulous!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get pictures of everything
We simply were having too much, uhh fun, yeah let’s go with that. 😉
But not to worry we have pictures of the following detailed recipes!

Anyway moving along,

I wanted to contribute something cool to go with Red Velvet lips’ Chocolate “dirt & worm” Cupcakes!
So naturally I got onto Pinterest.


If you want to see how she made these delicious triple chocolate things click here

Upon my search, I found recipes for Caramel Apple Jello Shots and Apple Cider Sangria.
I tweaked each pin a bit to match the ingredients I had on hand.
My changes ended with mixed results…

Let’s start with how NOT to make these jello shots.


In theory, these are supposed to look like regular apple slices
with a butterscotch pudding/gelatin filling.

They turned out looking great! … and that’s about it.


Let me explain my failing process.

1. Slice and hollow out apples
2. Make pudding
3. Make unflavored gelatin as you would typical jello shots
4. Let jello cool *Don’t want the milk to curdle or anything gross*
5. Mix jello and pudding
6. Pour interesting concoction into apple cores
7. Let them set
8. Cut into slices


Theoretically this should have worked, but here is the biggest issue…
We ran out of room in the Fram fridge.
*Just so many yummy snacks needed to be in there.*

My next brilliant idea was to put them in the freezer.
Unfortunately because apples have a good amount of water in them, DUH, they froze.
Fun fact: when apples freeze and then thaw out, ALL of their crispness is gone and they get mushy.

I also botched the jello part… too much water, not enough alcohol.



To Sum Up:

Thawed apples + bland jello = a Slimy Gooey Mess that gives NO ONE a buzz

If I were to try this again, here is what I would do differently:
2. More Schnapps, less water

I mean it worked a little bit,
but unfortunately, the two things I’d do differently are rather BIG issues…
Oh well.

On to the Sangria, where I had MUCH better results.sangriandapples

I saw this pin and immediately told my mom.
We decided that it needed to be perfected by Thanksgiving.
Halloween was a good time to test run on other people.
Mom and I will drink most  pretty much all sangrias.
So I needed to make sure it was as good as we thought.

Here is what I figured out:

1. Mix equal parts sweet white and red winessangriaingredients
2. Add a few shots of Brandy
3. Add in Ginger-Ale
4. Add in Apple Cider to taste
5. Cut up apples and pears *or w.e. you like* and dump them in


…Sorry, I don’t measure much when making alcoholic drinks…

I let it sit overnight before the party and it was freaking delicious,
but we didn’t finish it because I made a massive amount…
4 days later and the leftover Sangria was even BETTER.

All of the flavors have melded together perfectly. I am super impressed.
Not to mention it was a hit at the party!


So that is my Halloween in a nutshell, or well the snacks anyway.
If you try these recipes out let me know how your attempts go!
Maybe you will have better success with them 😛


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