Why I Stopped Take Two

It was Not Making me Happy.

Unlike this Sunset!!



The entire reason I started to write this blog was to track my progress in getting a job while continuing to hone my digital skills. My first series was called Take Two and was going to be a compilation of observation/experience pieces about each interview I went on.

I would go to my interviews and take down notes of my surroundings and thoughts throughout the process. My first experience was semi-terrifying, coming into the building through a back elevator and walking into a non-functional office set up. It was a less than stellar experience, and I struggled with how to document it.

My interviews since then have been much better, but I found that recording my experiences detracted from the real reason I was there. TO FIND A JOB…

Critiquing the company made me feel like I was there undercover for an alternate purpose. I was becoming too cynical. Unfortunately, I feel like my brain has been trained to look for bad and controversial material. According to my journalism background, this is what piques people’s interest the most.

I didn’t feel comfortable putting the company names out for my readers to see
because of the negative things I had noted.

Ultimately I decided to stop with that series altogether.
I don’t regret writing the two that I did because it helped me learn how to balance my blog persona with my real life.

The original Take Two series got in the way of my interview process, clouding my mind with the need to document EVERYTHING. I forgot that the interviews were not for my readers, but for the betterment of myself and my pending media career.

Since then I have been able to think up and start making different types of content that I truly enjoy creating. I will, of course, keep everyone updated on how my career path continues to pan out, but I am not going to detail out each individual interview. Honestly, it was quite tedious anyway.

Hopefully, this doesn’t disappoint anyone,
but I bet you saw it coming since I haven’t done a Take Two formatted post in close to a year… 😛

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