Valentine’s Day is Almost Over

But Let’s keep it going a little Longer!! Okay, I didn’t do a blog last week because I’ve been prepping for one, that is going to be quite hefty, later this week/early next week. But I thought I should at the very least give you guys my favorite love songs today. One because its Valentine‘s […]

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Find the Typo…     Did you catch it? Look up in the first few sentences… Yeah, it’s missing an opening quotation… AND THIS BOOK IS PUBLISHED! Seriously…I can NOT even right now. I was so perplexed while reading that I had to stop and take a picture. I cannot impress upon you enough the importance […]

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Cartoon girl listening to music

Music to Inspire Your Next Step

Music is definitely my biggest escape. I find that it changes my mood from grumpy to pleasant on the regular. Today I wanted to share my top three uplifting songs that have me inspired to take 2016 by the horns.   1. Rule the World – Walk Off the Earth     Favorite Lyrics: “They […]

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2016 … Read

This year I want to read more. Yup, a stereotypical resolution to go along with my plan to be healthy. Show of hands, how many of you have similar New Year Resolutions? Most of you? That’s what I thought. 😛 I have seen a lot of book challenges for this year surfing around Pinterest and […]

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Zebras Touring Philly

Nope… not a band. Did you hear about the Zebras in West Philadelphia yesterday? I was scrolling through my Vine feed *as per usual* and saw this post of a Zebra running past a car. Immediately I thought two things: “You don’t see that every day!” and “Maybe he is on set for something?” but […]

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Snapchat sept 15th update rainbow vomit

Snapchat Update: Cute and Horrifying!

Update (Wednesday 16th) They have removed the anime and candy hearts, but added a sad crying face! Hey Friends! If you haven’t updated your Snapchat as of Tuesday, Sept 15th, you really should. “Why are you so excited about an update Elise?“ Well, let me explain. This update interacts with your face, while adding weird […]

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