Interview Pump up Jams

Let’s Get Pumped!

Listening to these songs on the way to an interview is pretty much a ritual for me at this point.
Finally, I have found a good type of music that does exactly what I need it to!

Below are my top three favorites, as of this moment in time,
accompanied by how they counter my nervousness and get me PUMPED!!


the songs below contain profanity and other lyrics
that might be inappropriate for my younger audience.


Alright, here we go.


3. Worth It, by Fifth Harmony
Favorite Line: “Give it to me I’m worth it… Uh huh I’m worth it.”

I got this! Psh Che-yeahhh, Ima Ca-rushhh dis!
*Me pretending to be middle school E and spelling things weirdly.*

This song gives me a chance to bust out some sweet dance moves and work out my pre-interview nerves at the same time. I am positive that everyone who catches me dancing might think I have some kind of issue…. but whatever I’m gonna get my groove on anyway!


2. On the Regular, by Shamir
Favorite line: “This is my movie, stay tuned for the sequel.”

I know what you’re thinking; yes you did hear this song on TV.
It was on an android commercial that I Shazamed, *and then proceeded to obsess over.*

Ever since, I have been obsessed with learning the entire song. Having to think and focus on the lyrics makes me a bit less nervous about the looming interview. Not to mention it supplies me with some seriously sassy confidence.


1. I’m Awesome, by Spose
Favorite Line: “I’m awesome. No, you’re not, dude don’t lie.”

Ugh!!! It was so incredibly difficult to pick a favorite line, since this song and I go all the way back to my high school days.

Anyway, to me this lovely ditty promotes feeling well.. awesome of course. Definitely listen to the lyrics! Their wackiness is hysterical. I’ll be rapping, laughing and working out those nerves all at the same time!! Spose’s song brings me back to Earth from the previous 2 songs.
“Yeah E you are pretty awesome, but don’t get TOO cocky now. You’re cool, but like… not thaaat cool.”


OK. So there is a reason that these songs are all on the silly side. The giggles stemming from the ridiculousness of the words puts me in such a fantastic mood. Laughing calms my nerves and gets those endorphins pumping! I build up my confidence, while not obsessing over what I will say once I’ve made it to the interview.


To sum up my Pump up Jam must haves:
It needs to make me laugh;
It needs to help get my jitters out,
and it needs to keep me confident without going TOO overboard.


So what kind of Jams pump you up for Interviews?! Let me know in the comment section!
Gotta love getting recommendations for new music.


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