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Music to Inspire Your Next Step

Music is definitely my biggest escape.
I find that it changes my mood from grumpy to pleasant on the regular.
Today I wanted to share my top three uplifting songs
that have me inspired to take 2016 by the horns.


1. Rule the World – Walk Off the Earth



Favorite Lyrics: “They say no way, oh, I say I’ll rule the world.
Ain’t afraid of the walls, I’m a break ’em down.
They stay the same, oh, I’m feelin’ high as a bird.

If this song doesn’t encompass the cliché, “The World is Your Oyster,” than I don’t know what does… Don’t let people tell you what is possible. You and I are able to decide for ourselves. We have the power to make changes for the better. It is definitely possible to make our vision of the future come true!


2. Everywhere I go (Kings and Queens) – New Politics



Favorite Lyrics: “We get high, we get by, yeah we roll with it.
We been up, we been down, we got over it.

This is my “Eff You” song on the list. It’s all about being young and following your dreams, much like the first, but with a bit more of a punk attitude. Take risks and roll with the outcome. They aren’t always going to pan out, but taking those chances are what makes life worth living!
Everything gets that much more exciting! Now go forth and Kick some Arse!


3. Burning Gold – Christina Perri



Favorite Lyrics: “Honey you won’t get there if you don’t believe.

I relate to this song SO incredibly much. It has been my anthem for most of 2015 and I don’t see that changing any time soon. The premise of the song is you’re a lot stronger than you think! You can make the changes YOU want to see in your life. No more waiting for luck to strike. No more waiting for other people to do it for you. You got thissss!


Honorable Mention. Sound of Change – Dirty Heads



Favorite Lyrics: “I can hear it now, the horns are playing.
The victory sound, I live in the now.
The sky is my home, and I live in the clouds.

This song didn’t make the top three because it is more about being openminded rather than inspiring change. But I think it still makes a good point in such a complex and annoyingly PC world… The gist of the song is to keep an open mind and don’t live in fear of differing opinions. Don’t hide from the truth no matter how scary it is, and finally, don’t live in fear of change.


I suggest listening to these songs again without the music video theatrics. Button
Listen to the words for what they are and let me know what you think!
Also, if you have any other motivational, fun, or inspiring songs PRETTY PLEASE leave them below. Help me expand my music range! 🙂


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