Find the Typo…




Did you catch it?
Look up in the first few sentences…
Yeah, it’s missing an opening quotation… AND THIS BOOK IS PUBLISHED!

Seriously…I can NOT even right now.
I was so perplexed while reading that I had to stop and take a picture.

I cannot impress upon you enough the importance of proofreading.
In 2016 you would think this no longer needs to be said.
But WOAH NELLY, we need it now more than ever.


I have read countless articles, blog posts and comments about… well, who knows what. Once I come across a spelling error or a blatantly obvious grammar mistake I pretty much stop paying attention. All I can think about is contacting the author to fix it, but I am 100% positive that would make me everyone’s newest hated internet troll.

No, I am not talking about the people who write silly for emphasis.
If you have read any of my previous posts then you know I speak like an overly caffeinated tween and type incorrectly on purpose all the time.

I understand those types of misspellings and grammatical errors are done intentionally.
The mistakes I’m talking about are from just plain ole not paying attention.

I believe the main reason for so many cringeworthy mistakes is that everyone shares too hastily. People are rushing to get their story/opinion out and read first.  This is especially true in the social media world. But that is such a bad excuse for poor craftsmanship.


Need some awesomely horrible examples?
Check out the JacksFilms’ series Your Grammar Sucks. I have been a fan for years. Unfortunately, in that time, the internet seems to only have gotten worse, but regardless I put my favorite YGS below!



So, what’d we learn?
Take time and be proud of your work, or at least reread it!
Why in the world should I take what you have to say seriously if you used the wrong form of there?


Now, in an attempt to make the internet a grammatically safe place,
I want to share my 3 best proofreading tips with you!

1. Read your work out loud.
If it sounds weird to you then yes, it reads weird to everyone else.

2. Have your computer read it to you.
Not only is it funny to hear the computer’s inflection, but you will find typos, misplaced commas, and so much more. The possibilities for mistakes are endless! 😛

3. Ask someone else to look at it.
Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes! I know that when I’m looking at one post for too long I start reading what I want my work to say, but not what is actually on the screen.


Now go forth and write good! 😉 haha

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