Snapchat sept 15th update rainbow vomit

Snapchat Update: Cute and Horrifying!

Update (Wednesday 16th)

They have removed the anime and candy hearts, but added a sad crying face!

Hey Friends!

If you haven’t updated your Snapchat as of Tuesday, Sept 15th, you really should.

Why are you so excited about an update Elise?

Well, let me explain.

This update interacts with your face, while adding weird stuff to your phone’s screen.


2015 sept 15 snapchat update bug eyes and hearts

Anime eyeballs and little candy hearts. Or a flushed face puking up rainbows. *my personal favorite*
And of course,  just in time for fall and Halloween
A Screaming Demon face!!!

demon face

I’ve had so much fun with this update you guys.

Elise, how do I update Snapchat?

Snapchat sept 15th update rainbow vomitAndroid users, go into your Google Play store and search Snapchat.

iPhone users, go into your App Store and do the same.
Then all that’s left is to

Click the Update Button!!! 😀

Now reload the Snapchat app.

To make the faces come up, put your camera into front camera mode.

Tap the screen to focus the lens on your face.
This will make a mask pop up that will find and track movement.

To the right of the on-screen Snapchat button, you will see 7 tiny emoji like faces.
Scroll through those and pick your favorites!!
*No worries. It will tell you what to do from there.*

Snapchat your creepy/awesome creations to me! @emadde!
Lemme see what you can make it do!!


Want to learn more about this update? Take a look at what Mashable had to say!


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