Find the Typo…     Did you catch it? Look up in the first few sentences… Yeah, it’s missing an opening quotation… AND THIS BOOK IS PUBLISHED! Seriously…I can NOT even right now. I was so perplexed while reading that I had to stop and take a picture. I cannot impress upon you enough the importance […]

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Why I Stopped Take Two

It was Not Making me Happy. Unlike this Sunset!!   The entire reason I started to write this blog was to track my progress in getting a job while continuing to hone my digital skills. My first series was called Take Two and was going to be a compilation of observation/experience pieces about each interview […]

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Cartoon girl listening to music

Music to Inspire Your Next Step

Music is definitely my biggest escape. I find that it changes my mood from grumpy to pleasant on the regular. Today I wanted to share my top three uplifting songs that have me inspired to take 2016 by the horns.   1. Rule the World – Walk Off the Earth     Favorite Lyrics: “They […]

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Here’s to a New Year of Goals!   Making My Resolutions Step One: Acknowledge Where YOU Want to Improve In the past year, I have seen the power of writing something into existence. No, I don’t mean literally… Because I would totally have found a Unicorn by now…  What I mean is that writing down […]

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2016 … Read

This year I want to read more. Yup, a stereotypical resolution to go along with my plan to be healthy. Show of hands, how many of you have similar New Year Resolutions? Most of you? That’s what I thought. 😛 I have seen a lot of book challenges for this year surfing around Pinterest and […]

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Interview Pump up Jams

Let’s Get Pumped! Listening to these songs on the way to an interview is pretty much a ritual for me at this point. Finally, I have found a good type of music that does exactly what I need it to! Below are my top three favorites, as of this moment in time, accompanied by how […]

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my cat on my project

Now Watch Me WIP!

WIP Wednesday   How Many of you clicked this Specifically for the title? 😆 LOL Ok, for those of you confused as to what the heck a WIP Wednesday is then let me enlighten you! It’s like Man Crush Monday except for yarn and fabric crafters. The tag lets us share our current projects. WIP = […]

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lipstick and lighter

3 Tips for Adult-like Klutzy Women

Does this Count as Adulting?   As an adult-like female, I have come across 3 tricks that I love and cherish. Now, I wish to share them with you. 😛 Ok let’s just jump right into it shall we?   Number 1: Frozen Grapes are Magical. This is my single best tip to wine-os out there […]

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Snapchat sept 15th update rainbow vomit

Snapchat Update: Cute and Horrifying!

Update (Wednesday 16th) They have removed the anime and candy hearts, but added a sad crying face! Hey Friends! If you haven’t updated your Snapchat as of Tuesday, Sept 15th, you really should. “Why are you so excited about an update Elise?“ Well, let me explain. This update interacts with your face, while adding weird […]

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Literally the BEST Pepper I’ve ever had!

Love Me Some Peppers! Hey guys! This summer I have been inspired by a lot of people I follow on Instagram. One person, @cookinwithmama, put up a picture of Mediterranean stuffed peppers. It looked great! So I took that concept and ran with it. I came up with a version of Taco Stuffed Peppers. So flipping […]

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