Take Two

Why This Series was Cancelled

Here we Go Again.


Recently, a little over a week ago, I was laid off of my very first “big kid” job of about two-ish months. Thanks Obama (loll just kidding).


Prior to being let go, I had gone through the process of finding a roommate and an apartment. I picked up and moved everything to a new city all gunghoe figuring out who post graduation Elise was.

No lies, that was not the job for me.

So I am taking this as a sign that there is something better out there.

I am lucky that I have some money saved to pay rent, as I can’t afford to be a grow’d. I have a great safety net from my parents.

So now that I cannot afford life, I need to find another job. The goal is to be employed somewhere I fit in, preferably before the summer hits. There is a good possibility of going back to retail or waitressing, but I am trying to avoid that simply because I want to do something new with my talents!

I have decided to take you all with me as I record my second interview journey through corporate America. I am not going to post real company names, or real people names. Though you’re more than welcome to guess


Okay, so what is the point of the previous ramble/vent sesh?take2

Take Two will hopefully:
1. Keep my mind moving and productive
B. Make the journey positive
Fish. Prove this is not the end of the world

Without further ado, here is a blog series dedicated directly to my job hunt process.

Let’s do Dis!!! WHEEEE!!!


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