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Basic Crochet Stuffs

Sorry for such a gap in posts guys. It has been quite an eventful few months, and June is not going to be much better…

Anyway, I want to have a section of this blog dedicated to crafting, and today seems like a good day for that. Let’s start this off with my favorite thing to do, Crochet!


Why do I crochet?

For me, crocheting is rather therapeutic. I don’t really need to think about it; which at the end of a long day is great! Counting stitches in repetitive patterns is very rhythmic and soothing. Well, unless I tangle the yarn… Then all hell breaks loose.

But if that doesn’t scare you, and you’re looking for something to wind down with at the end of the day, I definitely suggest trying crochet out! To make it more enticing, the knit/crochet/yarn look is very ‘in’ right now. 😉

Okay moving on to the bulk of this post.

First, I will be defining some typical crochet terms.
Second, I will be showing you how to execute 5 basic stitches.

To go with each stitch, I made y’all a .gif to watch and follow. I decided it was easier to watch a .gif than having to constantly rewind a youtube video. Also, sometimes it is easier to show you how to do something rather than tell you.

Not to mention, I have never seen any crocheting .gifs, and it’s about time those exist!


Common words/definitions in crochet patterns.

Yarn Over – Abbreviated: yo
Exactly as it sounds. Wrap the yarn around your crochet hook from the back to the front. So wrap the yarn around the hook towards your body.

Round: Working in a circular pattern.

Row: Working straight across a piece and reaching the end of the line of stitches.

Turn work: This is said when working in rows. Once you have crocheted to the end of a row you literally flip the work over. In crochet, you always are working right to left *opposite of reading*, so if you are on the left end of that row it is time to turn your work and start again on the last stitch of the previous row.

Wrong Side: – Abbreviated: WS
A lot of times, when you turn your work the first time, patterns will refer to it as working on the wrong side. This is usually the side where the pattern is not quite right looking, or won’t be seen when the piece is worn/used.

Right side: – Abbreviated: RS
The opposite of wrong side. The one intended to be seen.


Basic Stitches:

1. Chain Stitch
2. Slip Stitch
3. Single Crochet
4. Double Crochet
5. Half Double Crochet
Bonus! Slip Knot


Each stitch has its own abbreviation, but for learning purposes I am going to continue writing everything out.

*If a .gif stops playing, then you might need to either refresh the page or click the .gif.*


Chain stitch animation1. Chain Stitch(on the left) – Abbreviated: chSlip knot animation

First make a Slip Knot(on the right) onto your hook.

Yarn over, creating 2 loops on your hook *one loop will be the Slip Knot.*
Pull the first loop through the second loop *the Slip Knot* on your hook.

Do this until you have as many Chains as you want!

Chain Stitches are used most often at the beginning of a work. It is the first row/round that you will build on. They can also be used to create fun patterns w/in a work itself, like ruffles or flowers.


2. Slip Stitch – Abbreviated: SL st

*I found my actual camera to film this one. I didn’t want to take more time to film, edit, and convert new .gifs my apologies 😛 *

Insert your hook into the next stitch.*2 loops on your hook*
Yarn over, and pull that newly made loop through both previous loops already on the hook.Slip Stitch animation

Ta daa Super easy.

Slip Stitches are used most commonly to join rounds, or to change colors in a work.


Single Crochet animation3. Single Crochet – Abbreviated: sc

Start as you would a Slip Stitch by inserting your hook into the next stitch and yarn over. *3 loops on hook*
Pull the first loop through the second loop and yarn over.*3 loops on hook again*
Last, pull the first loop through the remaining 2.

Fun Fact!…

 I made my first amigurumi (toy crochet figures) with only the 3 above stitches!


4. Double Crochet – Abbreviated: dcDouble Crochet animation

Start the stitch by yarning over. Then insert your hook into the next stitch you are working. *3 loops on the hook*
Yarn over again. Pull that loop through, and yarn over once more. *4 loops on the hook*
Pull the first loop through the next 2 loops. *2 loops left on hook*
Yarn over one more time and pull that loop through the remaining 2 loops.

A little more work, but very very similar to the Single Crochet. It is almost like having 2 Single Crochets on top of one another without having to do 2 complete rows.

Okay, the last stitch for today.


Half Double Crochet animation5. Half Double Crochet – Abbreviated: hdc

First yarn over and insert your hook into the next stitch you are working. Yarn over again. *4 loops on hook*
(should feel familiar because it is the first few steps of the Double Crochet)

Pull the first loop through the second and yarn over. *4 loops on hook*

Now for the last step just pull the first loop through all 3 remaining loops.


Yay now you have a good foundation of crochet knowledge! Or at least a place to refer back for it. 😛
Anyway, that is all for this post. I have some more stitches I want to explain and some projects to share with y’all, so stay tuned for those!


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