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3 Tips for Adult-like Klutzy Women

Does this Count as Adulting?


As an adult-like female,
I have come across 3 tricks that I love and cherish.
Now, I wish to share them with you. 😛

Ok let’s just jump right into it shall we?


Number 1: Frozen Grapes are Magical.frozen grapes

This is my single best tip to wine-os out there who like cold wine,
but are too impatient for the bottle to chill in the fridge.

Possible Solutions?

Put the bottle in the freezer.
… But that still means waiting.

How about ice cubes?
No, watered down wine is gross.

I GOT IT! Ice cubes in a Ziploc!
Well… I guess that works. #classy

What is an impatient adult to do?topglassview

It just so happens that upon realizing this dilemma, I remembered that I had thrown a few stems of grapes into the freezer the night-ish before.

*They had started to get wrinkly and in my mind that is just gross. It’s like a raisin full of goo… Nope.. Nope.. Nope.*

I had read somewhere that freezing the little suckers would not only make them last longer, but could be substituted for ice cubes!

LIGHT BULB: put them in your Wine E! Problem solver right here.



Number 2: Lipstick loves Firelipstick and lighter

Ok not really, but anyway have you ever broken a lipstick?
I recently broke my favorite “nude” color.

Because I am a hoarder, I kept it as a sad reminder in my lipstick collection…

Some time later, while feeding my internet addiction, I came across this Buzzfeed article.
Side note: Something you should know about me: I fall for click-baity posts 100% of the time.

Needless to say, I clicked it.
Flickering Flame

Scroll to number 5 of the post..YASS a way to revive my broken lipstick!
I don’t need to go buy a new one!

Anyway, I was too lazy to wipe off the little bit of black left from the fire, but it works perfectly!

No longer is it in the drawer staring up at me crying,

“WHYY did you have to break me! WHYY?”


Number 3: Nail Polish + Shoes = a Klutzs Dreamshoesbboard

Fact: I am clumsy.

While taking pictures for a blog about my shoe collection, that I may one-day post, I stepped backward and sunk
the stem of my right heel into a vent on the floor.

Nail PolishIt got stuck. The only way to get the shoe out was,
unfortunately, to throw my weight behind it and pull.
I didn’t just scuff the color, I tore the fabric right off a smallish section.

The sight was rather sad. Pretty sure I pouted about it;
Until my mom asked if I had any blue Nail Polish. I couldn’t find any.
So on my next trip to Target I picked up a matching blue.
Turns out I actually did have the necessary color… *whomp*

To fix the snag, I smoothed the fabric over to where it should be.
Luckily I hadn’t torn the fabric entirely off of the shoe.

A few drops of polish and a tiny bit of filing later, my heel looked great!

Yes, if you get down on the floor and stare you can tell something is not quite right.

But if you’re going to do that then…
I kindly ask you to take a few scooches back while I walk away from your weird self.


Yup! Those are my 3 tips to anyone who might hate watered down wine, broken lipsticks, or scuffed up shoes.

Do you have any adultish tips to share?! Let me know in the comments!!


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