Today: I’m feeling inspired!

My favorite place to go!
One of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken of my favorite quiet place!

Ok… Question

Why is it that I get my best ideas and biggest spurts of motivation in the most inconvenient places?

I am either:
A: In the car
B: In the shower
C: About to fall asleep

Once I rejoin the flow of my daily life I completely forget all of my awesome ideas,
but then the second I am back in the shower, like a smack to the face every time, I think:

DAMNIT I have wasted so much time on Netflix.
DAMNIT I ate an entire box of cheese-its.

Well Sir to you I say…..


I have had this reoccurring thought that maybe I should write just to write.

Earth shattering I know.

I should write about whatever strikes me as interesting. I don’t have to wait for my thoughts and experiences to fall into a strictly defined category.

Though, I do plan on having a craft category, and I will still be sticking with my Take Two series; and whose to say I won’t find something else that makes a good series?


I thought that after graduation I would immediately turn into a functioning adult. Turns out I have never been so wrong. This year has been really difficult for my family and I. We have lost loved ones, and gotten shitty news time and time again. We are only 3 months in, and here is where I choose to stop saying I hate 2015.

Today I want to write about being ready. I am ready for the next step of my life. I am ready to make something of myself. I am ready to start learning what I want to be when I grow up.

I am ready to make this year a good one. I want to live in memory of those I’ve lost and not sulk about having job setbacks.

So here is to a new year. I will be 23 in less than a week and it is time to discover and roll with it!

Never has a blog name been more accurate! Today I am inspired, despite the rain, and enjoying being

Such a Cliche!

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