Valentine’s Day is Almost Over

But Let’s keep it going a little Longer!!

Okay, I didn’t do a blog last week because I’ve been prepping for one, that is going to be quite hefty, later this week/early next week.

But I thought I should at the very least give you guys my favorite love songs today.

One because its Valentines Day.
Two because I have my boyfriend James held captive and I am making him pick a song too. 😉

Let’s dive on in shall we?

1. Youth – Troye Sivan

Favorite Lyrics: “My youth is yours; Trippin’ on skies, sippin’ waterfalls.”

It’s all about being young and in love!
Run away; do cool stuff with the person you love.
No time to wait.

Yep, that’s the song in a nutshell. Troye is 20, so it makes sense that he would have it on his breakout album Blue Neighborhood. This song isn’t super mushy, but I really like it.

Maybe because I am 23?
Maybe because I don’t generally like the mushy stuff?
Probably a combination of the two.
Not too much else to say, other than I love it.

2. Sugar, You – Oh Honey

Favorite Lyrics: “Sugar don’t you change a thing; Can’t you see you’re everything I’m not”

I was poking around the Fueled by Ramen site a few months ago and found Oh Honey’s, Sugar, You. Seriously, this is the most adorable song I have ever heard. To make it extra sappy, all I can think about is James when I hear it. For those who don’t know, my boyfriend and I have rather opposite personalities. So the song is very fitting.

It is a super simple, super sweet love song about finding your heart’s other half.
You love them for who they are, every little thing about them, and wish they saw it too. I know I catch myself staring at James, for no real reason, thinking similar things all the time.

So If you’re in the mood to be REALLY gooey, definitely listen to this song.

3. Electric Love – BØrns

Favorite Lyrics: “Baby you’re like lightning in a bottle.”

Elise, What is it with you and songs from commercials? …  I DON’T KNOW!!!

Actually, I heard this song forever ago on a vine and loved it. So I went online, found it, and became obsessed. I stalked BØrns’ page for the full Dopamine album release (Out Now) and upcoming Tour dates (Coming to D.C. May 24th). I already have my tickets!!

Anyway, this song is BEYOND Valentines Day worthy. It starts by comparing love to candy. *Come on, that’s just perfect.*  BØrns Electric Love is all about being so deeply taken by your partner’s love, that you are hooked and love every second of it. It is just so exhilarating that you can’t get enough and don’t ever want it to end.

The words remind me a lot of Ke$ha’s Your Love is My Drug, just more poetic.

Boyfriend Bonus Pick. Loving You Easy – Zac Brown Band

Ok.. Brace yourselves… I am going to let him write this one!

Favorite Lyrics: “My old sweatshirt never fit so right.”

Personally, my favorite band of all time is the Zac Brown Band, so the song seemed fitting. To give you guys some backstory on my favorite lyrics just as we started dating I “gave” Elise my favorite college sweatshirt. She still wears it to this day. Every time I see her in it, it gives me a smile that no one else can replicate.

For some more info on the song itself. It highlights all the small things that our loved ones do that makes loving them easy. *hence the title* I personally like it a lot because it gives me a chance to sing to her. What’s cuter than having your loved one serenade you with a song that expresses their love of all the little things you do?

Ok, maybe a basket full of puppies, but most of us can’t buy a basket full of puppies… so singing it is! Even if singing isn’t your forte, just belting out a song about your loved one, can show them how you truly feel, and make them laugh at the same time. Trust me, no matter what happens they will appreciate it.

So.. Yeah those are my/our favorite lovey-dovey songs right meow!
What are your favorites?


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