When One Door Closes…

Why This Series was Cancelled

Another One Opens.


Haha anyone else remember the rejection hotline?


This series was supposed to be about job interviews and the like. At first I didn’t want to talk about anything other than the actual interview experience, but I hit a snag.

I’ve not been getting interviews. In about a months time, it would appear that these are all I have gotten from positions I really think I would enjoy and exceed at. This is the main reason I have been MIA for the past, I don’t know maybe a week or so? It has really put me in a funk.

 All of the ‘no thanks’ e-mails said things along the lines of, you have a great skill set and work experience, BUT we have decided to pursue other candidates.


Unfortunately, according to countless sources, just google job rejection, this is a very real part of the job search.

So instead of telling you about the literal process of being turned down, because that is pretty self-explanatory. I am going to tell you about my rejection process, and what I have done to combat giving up.

First off, I send all of the rejection e-mails a reply; thanking them for considering me, and being grateful that I had the chance to share my work with someone new. It is, no doubt, tough to write this letter.

Kind of like in those awkward tween/kid shows where the nerdy kid asks out someone not in ‘their league’ and gets turned down. Then they spastically respond with something like, “okay thanks,” turn and basically run away. Not sure if that is a real thing or I made it up, but that is how I feel writing those e-mails.

After I write it, and subsequently send it, I do NOT go right back to looking for jobs. I found that when I do immediately jump back in I put myself down even more.

“Elise you weren’t good enough for
the other jobs why the hell would you
be good at any of these.”

Yeah, not good. Instead, I usually zone out on some other unrelated task. At least I try to. Then I can, at the very least, feel productive about accomplishing something, and once I have cleared my mind I start again.

Facing rejection after rejection is hard. I just need to keep moving. Something good is out there for me right?

Just gotta keep a look out for all those other opening doors I suppose. But If all else fails I have a really fluffy pup that loves me and a Mom who thinks I’m special! 😛


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