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WIP Wednesday


How Many of you clicked this Specifically for the title? 😆

LOL Ok, for those of you confused as to what the heck a WIP Wednesday is then let me enlighten you!

It’s like Man Crush Monday except for yarn and fabric crafters. The tag lets us share our current projects.

WIP = Work in Progress

I love to crochet, as you might have figured out from my, “Time to Crochet” post.
Since that post I have done so many other projects, and I think that it is about time I share them all with you!

If you are interested in what I’m currently working on keep scrolling… There are pictures. 😛
Otherwise, you should click here for another post of mine and keep hanging out with me!


Ok, so my parents recently went to Ireland and brought me back a bunch of  amazing stuff, because they were gone on my birthday… *insert pouty face.*

But all was easily forgiven once I saw the beautiful skeins of  handspun, hand-dyed speckled green yarn they picked out just for me! IT IS GORGEOUS and, as far as I am concerned, one of a kind. My mom grabbed the last 2 in the shop!

Thanks mom!!yarn up close

I had a very difficult time deciding what I wanted to turn this yarn into.

I envisioned something inspired by Ireland, that could be worn inside as an accessory and outside for warmth. There also needed to be something a bit Modern about it, but at the same time Classic.

I searched online for literally hours…

When no pattern fit the chairlatticeimage of what I had in mind, I honeycomb lattice stitch crochet hook and yarn ballbegan to improvise.
I am going off of these two projects here and here.

Yeah…. I actually don’t know what this is going to look like in the end, but I have a general idea.
I started the wrap with 3 rows of double crochet and then made the criss-cross area with a honeycomb lattice stitch.

I will keep you posted on its progress as I go! In the meantime, I think that I will one by one show off other projects I’ve made these past few months. 🙂


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