Zebras Touring Philly

Nope… not a band.

Did you hear about the Zebras in West Philadelphia yesterday?

I was scrolling through my Vine feed *as per usual* and saw this post of a Zebra running past a car.
Immediately I thought two things:

“You don’t see that every day!”
“Maybe he is on set for something?”

but alas… my attention span is small, and I continued scrolling down to the next
6-second video.

Later when I flipped on the news, my attention was caught by an odd report.
Two Zebras had gotten loose from the UniverSoul Circus, and were running around the city!
The Vine had actually happened… in real life!


While it was pretty entertaining to see, it probably wasn’t the safest situation for the animals. You can see their stripped little behinds dodging traffic and being followed closely by police cars.

Realistically, these pretty creatures
were probably horrified their entire hour and a half of ‘freedom.’
It’s unfortunate that the animal world isn’t really like Madagascar,
where Marty can talk and figure out human-made things.

**** GASP ****

Maybe it was a real life Madagascar event! The Penguins freed the Zebras. Then YAY Zebra party time! I mean… it was pretty nice outside. I am sure they just wanted to go on a little stroll and stretch those legs.

Ok probably not, but I can dream dang it!

Anyway, no need to worry guys. The Zebras were safely corralled by the city police and brought back to their circus family. Though maybe we should keep a closer eye on this circus… According to NBC and PETA, UniverSoul Circus has had Tigers escape in the past.



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